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One-eyed mule is a roaming crossbreed. Within its impure rock n’ roll blood flows reminiscences of the Ennio Morricone spaghetti western soundscapes alongside a droning psychedelic garage folk/blues. The band has been strumming its chords to its own unique beat since 2004.

One-eyed Mule were formed in Copenhagen by Rasmus Dall (guitar/lead vocal) and Uffe Ipsen (double bass/organ/saw). Before, Dall had learned himself to fingerpick and rambled Spain with his guitar and Ipsen had traveled Europe in a van for six months, playing the streets for a living. One-eyed Mule started out as a country blues outfit playing songs hailing from the twenties and thirties in smoke-filled bars and taverns. In 2005 the band started writing thier own songs, got a record deal an released their first album “Hobo in the Land of Love” in 2006. Since then the band has been busy writing songs and touring.

In 2008 the band released the album “From the Beats to the Bible” and had two songs featured on the american movie The Cleaner. In 2010 they put down their third album “Drifting to a happy place” and were invited to play at South By South West. The same year they had the honour of opening for great acts like Megafaun, Tallest Man On Earth and Langhorne Slim.

Now the mule-cyclop is back with a new album, “When Tommorrow Comes”. An album that features dreamy folk ballads, spacy instrumental ragtime, train songs, lullabies, a steady krautrock boogie and a tribute to the great Mississippi John Hurt.

On stage the mule is rocking with a bunch of old weird instruments such as pump organ, bowed double bass, banjo, saw, sitar, jews harp, old guitars and various percussion.


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